5 Common Roofing Myths Debunked

Hey there, homeowner! Ever heard that a brand-new roof doesn’t need maintenance, or that you can just blast away dirt with a pressure washer? Well, grab your tool belt and join me as we climb the ladder of roofing wisdom. We’re about to hammer down some myths and nail the truth, just like we do with those shingles!

Roofing Myths List

Myth #1: A Pressure Washer Can Be Used to Clean Your Roof

Fact: Hold on, cowboy! That pressure washer might blast away the grime, but it can also blast away the granules that are important on an asphalt shingled roof. Pressure washing can work great in certain situations and with certain pressures for certain areas. See how many times I used “certain” well that’s because it depends on, so if you have growth or other issues with your shingles, feel free to get an inspection because it could be part of a bigger problem.

Myth #2: The More Insulation, the Better!

Fact: More is merrier, right? Not always! Over-insulating can lead to moisture issues and decreased ventilation. Learn more about proper insulation in our insulation guide.

Myth #3: I Have a Brand-New Roof, So I Don’t Need Any Maintenance

Fact: A new roof is like a new car; it still requires regular check-ups. Refer to our maintenance guide.\

Aerial view of damaged in hurricane Ian house roof covered with blue protective tarp against rain water leaking until replacement of asphalt shingles

Myth #4: You Should Only Replace Your Roof If It Leaks

Fact: Waiting for a leak is like waiting for your cake to bake without preheating the oven. Learn about the early signs of a leaky roof.

Myth #5: A New Roof Can Be Installed Over an Existing One

Fact: Sure, you can, but should you? Read our post about shingle layers.

Myth #6: Green and Recycled Roofing Solutions Are Less Durable

Fact: Think green means weak? Think again! Products like Euroshield, a local company right here in Calgary, are even more durable. Explore our green roofing solutions.

In Summary

So there you have it, folks! Roofing myths debunked, contractor-style. Whether you’re considering a green solution like Euroshield or just trying to figure out if that leak means trouble, always consult a professional. And hey, leave the pressure washer for the car!

You are welcome to reach out if you need more roofing wisdom or a good joke about shingles. Until then, keep those roofs strong and those myths busted!

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