Is Your Calgary Roof Damaged From Wind?

Spring in Calgary is a beautiful time of the year. It is also time to start chipping away at that overgrown To-Do list, and that includes inspecting your roof for debris and damage from the winter. Damage to your roof can come from extreme cold, blizzards, intense storms, and strong Chinook winds.

In Calgary’, a strong, dry, warm wind sometimes blows from the mountains across the foothills and plains. These winds, known as Chinook winds, can bring quick temperature changes. They can often be devastating, with sustained winds and gusts sometimes as strong as those produced by tornadoes and hurricanes. As these warm winds make their way over the mountains, damage to your roof can happen.

A W4SR Employee about to repair a broken roof shingle

Here are signs your roof needs repair after a storm:

  • Broken or missing shingles – if you find a random shingle in your lawn or see where a shingle is missing, you need immediate repair. Strong winds can rip shingles from your roof and leave your home vulnerable. 
  • Shingles are curling – viewed from the ground, the curling up of individual shingles’ edges is a sign of damage from rapid temperature changes and strong winds.
  • Signs of water inside – water spots on ceilings or interior walls are a sure sign your roof is leaking. This usually is a sign that your roof has been leaking for some time and requires replacement.
  • Debris on your roof – sticks, broken limbs, leaves, or trees on your roof could lead to damage and leaking. Any debris needs to be removed to prevent further damage to your roof.
  • Loss of shingle granules – high winds can rip asphalt granules from your shingles and will deposit them into your gutter. Hail storms are notorious for damaging shingles and causing granule loss. Damage from a hail storm may be covered by your insurance, call us for more information.

When shingles are installed, they’re purposefully overlapped to create a water-tight seal; lifting and curling can break this seal, potentially leaving your roof vulnerable to damage from wind-driven rain. Major storms can cause trees and other natural debris to fall on your roof. This can sometimes cause cracks in your shingles that can eventually lead to water damage to your home. If you see debris is still on your roof after a storm, it is essential to either check it yourself or call a professional to see if there is any shingle damage underneath the debris.

Watch out for fly-by-night companies that want to sell you a “discounted” roof, as an improperly installed roof can take on substantial damage during heavy rains, heavy snowfall, and the devastating Chinook winds. Many times the price of an improperly installed roof cost more in the long run, even if it is the lowest bid. Low-quality installation of a roof will need more repairs and will cause water damage inside your home that will need to be repaired or replaced, causing more than double your initial price of the “low bid” roof.

More missing shingles, possibly from storm damage on a roof in Calgary from the perception of a roofer on top of the roof.

Do you need to Repair or Replace your storm-damaged roof in Calgary?

After any severe storm, we recommend getting your roof professionally inspected. Often, a damaged roof when caught early enough can be repaired at a reasonable cost. Not all damage to your roof can be seen from the ground, and if left to the elements can end up causing more damage and need a complete roof replacement.

If your roof was improperly installed then the storm damage can worsen and cost more to repair after a strong Chinook wind. Getting a professionally installed roof the first time will lessen the likelihood of damage from inevitable storms while improving your home’s look and value.

Replacing your roof after a storm may be the most cost-effective route in the long run. If your roof is older and needs to be replaced in a few years, replacing your storm-damaged roof with a new professionally installed roof is the answer. The lifespan of a shingle roof has a rating from 15-30 years, so if your roof is closing in on the end of its lifespan, getting a new roof is generally the most cost-efficient way to go.

Other considerations when choosing to replace your Calgary roof.

  • Property Value – a new roof makes it easier to sell your home and increases the value. According to some estimates, a new roof can add between 15 and 40 percent to the value of your home.
  • Curb Appeal – a roof compromises around 40% of your home’s exterior and contributes to good or bad curb appeal. Replacing your roof will add instant improvement to your home’s curb appeal.  
  • Energy Efficiency – damage and leaks in a shingled roof can also cause energy loss like heat and cold. This makes your home’s heating and cooling systems work harder, costing you more on your energy bills.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums – a new roof can qualify you for insurance discounts and up to 20% savings in certain circumstances.

If You are Worried about Wind or Storm Damage, Call Us Today

We offer onsite free estimates, where we come out and inspect your roof for damage and potential leaks. While we are there, we will explain what we found and work with you to develop a roofing solution that fits your budget.

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There are some things that today’s inexperienced roofer may miss or fail to consider that end up making the roofing project cost more in the long term. Get the job done right the first time. Become a part of the Whalley’s Four Seasons Roofing difference.

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