5 Reasons Why Roofs Must Be Inspected Regularly

Some people have compared roofs to tires in the sense that they only come to mind when a problem arises. Tires can last for a very long time if they are maintained regularly. Likewise, roofs should receive proper maintenance for optimizing their longevity.

Prolonging the lifespan of your roof will begin with a professional roof inspection, which should be performed regularly. The National Roofing Contractors Association encourages homeowners to have their roofs professionally inspected a couple of times annually.

Is there something specific the roof inspector will be looking for in the roof inspection process?

Consider the following reasons why your roof should be inspected at least two times a year.

Roof in calgary showing weathering and ageing

Ageing & Weathering

Most people think their roofs will last 50 years, but here in Calgary, where the weather is unstable, roofs are more vulnerable to aging and weathering. When it comes to multi–ply, low slope, bituminous roofs, the benchmark ranges between two and three decades. For much of single-ply roofs, the benchmark life ranges between 15 and 25 years. Every roof endures regular aging and wear, and the impact of these aspects are typically visible. 

How often should a roof be inspected?

As a rule of thumb, your roof should be regularly inspected right after any significant weather event. Nonetheless, you may be wondering why asphalt shingle roofs must be inspected. How much does a roof inspection cost?

The average cost of a typical roof inspection is anywhere between $150 to $350; however, contact us for a free roof inspection*

Roof in NE Calgary showing storm damage from a hail storm.

Storm Damage

Various weather events, including hail and high winds, are capable of damaging roofs. To the point where insurance claims and/or repairs might follow. That is why roofs need to be looked at immediately after a weather event. 

Further damage stemming from water infiltration can be prevented. Damages from hail and/or wind may be minor and warrant nothing more than basic roofing maintenance. 

Conversely, problems may be significant enough to necessitate roof replacement. According to several insurance companies, most storm damage happens because of loose materials, being blown off roofs when winds are high. Tree branches and limbs are also capable of falling on roofs, resulting in substantial damages.

Roof in chocrane that flooded from improper drainage

Leak Assessments & Correct Drainage

A leak that comes about after a big rainfall triggers a majority of inspections. However, leaks are merely symptomatic of another larger problem. One that might’ve been in progress for quite a while. 

If you find a leak, consider it a good thing. Without proof of leakage, moisture infiltration might go undetected. In such cases, it will degrade over time, perhaps in the form of corrosion, mould, damp insulation, and/or rotting wood.

A qualified professional can seek out leaks and provide you with a diagnosis. Moisture’s specific entry point might be a far distance from a detection or evidence point, at least visually. 

A low slope roof will rarely leak on a roof’s open field. Leaks generally form around joints in the roof (for instance, changes in flashings, expansion joints, penetrations, and elevation). 

Conversely, extremely old roofs might not reveal visible leakage evidence. Water might migrate a fair distance before it reaches some type of entry point. A complete roof replacement might be necessary if the water damage spreads.

There aren’t very many characteristics as integral to a roof’s performance than its drainage and its slope. Water that sits on roofs opens the door for moisture infiltration. Ensuring proper drainage will be reason enough to have ongoing roof inspections. 

Also, the weight of water paired with insufficient drainage can accelerate the wear and tear of roofing materials. Resulting in a much shorter lifespan for the roof’s assembly as a whole. Insulation damage could occur if standing water is left untreated on a roof. Total roof replacement will be the only solution in this case.

Roof in NE Calgary showing storm damage from a hail storm.

Vegetation Damage

Roofs are vulnerable to vegetation when low areas (like the gutters) aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. Birds sometimes land on roofs and nest there. They tend to deposit seeds, stimulating vegetation growth. 

Gutters happen to be a strong vegetation source due to a build-up of seeds, moisture, and dirt. This is why cleaning your roof is very important. Gutters need to be regularly cleaned and pressure washed. Trees that are close to roofs must be trimmed for the sake of preventing contact with your home.

Here is another issue with the growth of vegetation to keep in mind is roots. Which are capable of penetrating a roof’s membrane, which will create leakage. Any damage to roofs that come about from vegetation are capable of being pervasive. Ongoing inspections can bring attention to budding problems, allowing the homeowner to take action in an effort to prevent further damage.

Roof Cleaning, Maintenance & Repairs

Damages can come about from tradespeople who perform maintenance on various roofing systems if a roof isn’t properly protected.

Ongoing roof inspections will emphasize the importance of regular cleaning for them. Cleaning debris and trash from your roof will ultimately save you money. 

A shingle roof inspection or a flat roof inspection is a good idea after a storm.

A small leak might come about because of all sorts of factors, but roof warranties don’t cover all of them. Once a leak has been detected, homeowners should hire a professional to conduct an inspection. They will determine if any warranty claims need to be filed. 

If one does, the manufacturer or contractor will come to the site. They will establish if a repair or leak will be covered. The owner should hold on to warranty documentation, and any claims made must be filed in a timely manner.

When it comes to maintaining your roof. Roofs that are hard to get to are usually ignored. Ongoing roof inspections in Calgary can optimize accessible roof safety. The installation of safety rails and ladders around the roof’s hatches can optimize the safety of roof access areas.

Scheduling routine inspections must be prioritized. Residential roof inspections aren’t as expensive as you may believe. They will offer you invaluable information capable of saving you money when it comes to the cost of a roof.

Ultimately, the importance of roof maintenance boils down to prevention. A small roof repair can prevent larger costs later.

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