How to Get Your Roof Winter Ready

When you live in Calgary, Alberta, you come to realize that the fall season is short, and some years it comes and goes in an instant. But, unfortunately, every year around the end of October, our climate starts to change, which means winter is coming. Fortunately, we don’t have White Walkers to worry about; however, you do need to worry about winter’s effects on your roof. To help you, we will go over some winter roofing maintenance tips to ensure your Calgary home is ready!

Don’t Put Off Repairs.

Maybe you have a missing shingle that you have meant to fix or a small leak that only occasionally happens. If you have anything that you suspect to be wrong with your roof, it is best to get them sorted before winter sets in. Any of the below problems can balloon into more costly issues if not addressed.

Missing Shingle Roof in Winter

Damaged/missing shingles

Having parts of your roof exposed makes your roof more susceptible to leaks and water damage if not fixed before winter. This is when that extra bundle of remaining shingles comes in handy.

Damaged Flashing

Often overlooked flashing can be just as crucial as shingles. Flashing has the job of diverting water away from critical regions of the roof. Areas that need special attention are areas where you have something sticking out of your roof, chimneys, and the roof valleys. These areas are more prone to issues than others.

Old Caulking

When you have fluctuations in temperature, you need the caulking to expand and contract and keep an excellent seal. Unfortunately, old caulking becomes brittle over time and can start to crack due to this cycle. Having it replaced before winter allows you to have a good seal where you need it for the colder months, when the temperature will change drastically.

Check Roof Line

A significant defect that needs to be checked any time of year is having a sagging roof or a roofline that is not straight. Also, having dips or uneven roofing might be signs of serious structural problems that will worsen with heavy snowfall.

Remember to Deal With the Trees

Taking care of the plants and trees around your home might not be a priority in winter; however, trees that get too close to your roof can cause damage.

Tree rubbing up and damaging a house

Clean the gutters and downspouts

When you have your gutters full of leaves and debris, water becomes trapped and does not flow downwards. When you add winter weather with freezing temperatures, this water can freeze and cause alot of problems.

Trimming the trees

Trimming trees is crucial so that they don’t rub and wear down your roof. Also, having any significant branches that go over your roof should be removed. All it takes is one bad storm, and that branch can cause some serious damage and costly repairs.

Tree removal precautions

Sometimes a whole tree might need to be removed. Having this done professionally is a great idea. Just search youtube videos of trees and homes, and you will find many examples of costly damage to your home when you don’t get them appropriately removed. This is all easier to do before it gets too cold.

Get Your Roof Ready for the Snow and Cold

Heat cables being installed on a roof in Calgary

Snow removal

If you have a simple roof that’s low on the ground, use a roof rake and clear off the snow. However, suppose you start getting lots of snow piling up high up on your roof; that’s when it’s best to get a professional to remove it. You can check out our other post about snow removal for more information.

Heat cables

We are always advising to fix the root of the issue to prevent ice dams. But, unfortunately, some roofs make it difficult even with the proper ventilation and other measures—That’s where heat cables come in. Getting them installed before winters significant snowfalls, and cold will help save you money from ice dam damage.


A roof should breathe, especially with the traditional homes you find in Calgary. When they don’t breathe, they can cause water damage when there isn’t even a leak. Insulation also affects how it breaths and helps manage the temperatures of your roofing system and your home to help reduce your utility bill. Learn more about why roofing ventilation is important in winter.

Hire a Professional and Get a Roof Inspection

In a pinch, you can check alot of these aspects for your roof yourself. However, whenever you notice something unusual or are unsure, give us a call for a roof inspection. The time before winter is crucial in making sure you don’t get costly roof problems during the winter months.

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