Why A Spring Roof Inspection Is Important in Calgary

Springtime is around the corner, and that means warmer weather is coming to Alberta. There are many reasons why early spring is the best time to get your roof inspected and possible roof repairs on your home or business property.

  1. First, we will examine why the spring season for roofing is an excellent time to do a DIY home inspection or/and W4SR inspection and repair if needed. (do not go on the roof yourself)
  2. Then we walk you through the most common roofing problems that can arise after the winter months.
  3. Finally, we will go over what you do if you find any roofing problems, what your next steps are, and why most repairs need to be done by professional roofers are recommended.
Two seasons side by side showing warmer temperatures with spring arrival

Why is springtime an excellent season to get a roof inspection done?

The Warming Weather

It comes down to the changing weather. When the temperatures start swinging drastically, many parts of your roof’s exterior begin to expand and contract. This means any roofing metal that’s been used (flashing) or cracks that water can seep in show increased signs of damage.

Why does damage happen? Well, it comes down to the freeze-thaw cycle that water can go through. In spring, temperatures can be above zero during the day and below zero at night.

This makes and issues grow and become easier to spot and fix before they continue to cause problems with rain into the summer.

Easier To Spot Damage

Spotting damage can be more noticeable as more sunshine and warming make problem areas stand out. This means your roofing professional will be less likely to miss any issues of concern. As mentioned before, because more stress can be placed on your roof due to temperature changes finding issues is more straightforward.

If this is your first inspection after a roof replacement in the previous summer, it creates a good time to check the contractor’s roof materials and workmanship quality. We often have times when we can take one look at a roof and see that it was not installed correctly; other times, it takes a repair job to expose some contractors’ shortcuts

What spring roofing problems are the most common?

The most common roofing problems can happen anytime during the year. We often fix flashing and valleys the most, pretty much anywhere where parts of the roof join and water can get in. Springtime makes these problems more apparent. The same way that winter can highlight ventilation issues with your roof.

Active Leaks

With the temperatures we get in Calgary, the changing weather, as we have previously discussed, makes it easier for leaks to happen. You can often spot leaks by stains on the walls or ceilings of your property. Sometimes water can go unnoticed and create expensive damage and health concerns with mold.

Loose or broken gutters (eaves)

Leftover debris from fall (mainly autumn leaves) degrades and clogs your gutters, leading to clogging and overflow. Cleaning gutters is a task that needs to be done regularly; it helps the whole roof last longer as it provides proper drainage.

Roof Sagging and Moisture Retention.

The key to any roof is proper drainage. When the water cannot drain from all the snowmelts because of sagging in your roof, you confront moisture and condensation issues in the attic. This is often caused by problems with structural integrity from heavy snowfall in the winter or other damage that has compromised your roofing system’s strength.

Chimney Deterioration

By now, you are beginning to realize why we mentioned the freeze-thaw cycle often, and this is another aspect of your roof that can get damaged from temperature changes. Brick and mortar or flashing are prime spots for the freeze-thaw cycle to damage your roof.

Active roof leak in McKenzie town
A roof in rocky ridge calgary that shows damage in spring after a harsh winter

You found a problem, and now you need to hire a roofing contractor.

Oh no, you have a problem with your roof. First, your roof could be fine as it may be a function of the roof. For example, there is an open hole on many roofs that allow you to flush the toilet as it is supposed to be there; however, you need to have your roof repaired more often than not.=

We always recommend getting a professional roofing inspection, but make sure you follow Calgary’s city on hiring a contractor before you hire them for any needed work. Once you follow their guide, you will find that we are qualified for the task to help you out. Whalley’s four seasons roofing provide free roofing estimate*. We will lay out exactly the issues, provide photo examples of the problems, and provide a roofing quote on the repairs required.

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