Comprehensive Roofing Terms Glossary

Demystifying Roofing Jargon: An In-Depth Look at Key Terms

Roofing projects can often be complex, filled with industry-specific jargon and terminology that might be unfamiliar to homeowners and those new to the field. Our comprehensive guide to essential roofing terms aims to demystify these terms, providing clear definitions and explanations. Whether you're a homeowner embarking on a roofing project, a student studying construction, or a professional looking to refresh your knowledge, this glossary is designed to be your go-to resource. Explore the terms below to gain a deeper understanding of roofing concepts and enhance your ability to make informed decisions.


A board fastened to the projecting gables of a roof to give strength and protect the horizontal timbers.


A narrow strip of wood used to cover joints or as decorative vertical members over plywood or wide boards.


A black viscous mixture used for road surfacing and roofing.

Box Gutter

A rectangular rain gutter on a roof, often lined with metal or asphalt.

Cant Strip

A beveled strip used under flashings to modify the angle at the point where the roofing meets a vertical element.


A metal strip or angle piece used to secure two or more components together.


The decorative horizontal molding or projected roof overhang.


A flashing used on chimneys at the roofline to cover shingle flashing.


A peaked saddle construction at the back of a chimney to prevent accumulation of snow and ice.


A small dome-like structure on a roof.

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