Calgary Residential Roofing Services

We have your residential roofing needs in Calgary, and the surrounding area covered. Our process for your new roof ensures that you have quality customer service satisfaction throughout the entire W4SR experience.

Residential Roofing Process

Start With a Free Quote or Inspection

If you know you need a new roof, we will give you a free quote. If you are unsure, we will preform a full inspection (free when work is completed by us or ~$250 if no work is needed). We do not low ball quotes to get the job.
We provide fair, honest feedback, about the state of your roof. Even when no work is need, we provide valuable information and photos about possible trouble areas, and concerns so that problems can be noticed earlier and causing less damage that in turn helps you save money on expensive repairs.

Roofing Begins

Whalley's Four Seasons Roofing (W4SR) will then begin roofing. We get the work done without compromising on quality or safety. Dependent on the roofing project’s complexity, we can be in and out within a couple of days.* We strive to have as minimal of an impact as possible by leaving the site clean and safe.

New Roof Guarantee

We guarantee our work, which means no cutting corners. If you have questions or concerns about your new roof at any time, we encourage you to reach out to us.

 “A new roof is a long-term investment in your property, and your satisfaction is an investment in our company.”

Materials For Residential Homes

“Just give me the longest-lasting roofing material.”

Roofing materials do matter; however, a factor that can override even the most durable roofing materials is the quality roofing application. No matter if it’s IKO Shingles or Malarkey Shingles, a roof can fail due to improper installation.

Different roofing systems offer various benefits. For instance, certain roof coverings, combined with varying shingle options, can yield different life expectancies for the roof. As residential roofing Calgary experts, we make sure to guide you through your needs to deliver the best roofing material options.

Materials need for

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Water Shed Systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Flashing
  • Soffits
  • and more
We can offer a reasonable quote and give you the best options for your residential roofing needs. We make sure that your roof has the proper requirements required in Calgary for complete protection that applies for the entire roofing system.

For example, one area we specialize in is in low slope residential roofing options.

The Cost of Improper Residential Roofing Systems

The Cost of Improper Residential Roofing Systems

Some Calgary Roofing Companies might offer you a better price, but be wary of substandard materials and roofing installation methods. Unfortunately, your home roof is not forgiving toward improper installation.

Even with the right roofing materials, you might be needing a roof repair in Calgary within a couple of years. This is because of improper roofing applications from roofing crews looking to make a quick buck. We instead pride ourselves on being residential roofing experts and are here for the life of your roof.

An improperly installed roof can cause substantial damage during heavy rainfall, snow, and other weather effects. Most of the years, roofing knowledge comes into play after seeing roofing insulation failing to address these issues.

Living in Calgary can present many challenges to your home, and your roof is no different. W4SR has over two decades of experience resolving many common problems with Calgary homes. Some of our common examples being improper installation, airflow, and overall quality of the roofing system.

We are competitively priced when you factor in long-term results and the assurance that our work is always guaranteed. Our experience allows us to spot and fix roofing issues before they arise. If issues do occur, we will repair the damage quickly and efficiently.

We understand the importance of budgets. Contact our team today and get your roof done right the first time with Whalley’s Four Seasons Roofing.

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